January 10th, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

Infusion Results (Continued)

After a few days in the freezer, the garlic-infused vodka is much smoother. I just had a shot, and the garlic flavor is definitely more prominent than the vodka, rather than in competition with it. That was actually the second experiment today – when I got home from work, Q gave me some steak she'd prepared using some of the garlic vodka … Yum! So, I'm declaring the idea of garlic vodka a success; I just have to find the right vodka base to complement the garlic. And the right pizza to eat while I'm doing those garlic vodka shots. Other than Bloody Marys (which aren't my thang), however, I'm not sure what kind of cocktails one would make with garlic vodka. Hmmmm…

After a week of infusion, I finally decanted the bacon-infused vodka. Although that one was made with Absolut, it smelled extremely harsh (sort of turpentiney; so powerful I could barely smell the bacon). I moved it directly to the freezer to let it chill before I do any taste tests with it. Maybe this weekend you'll get an update on how that one turns out.