February 15th, 2007

Rocky Horror

Moose Pimping

My former running mate Bradwinkle is trying to win the title of Miss Rocky Radio 2007¹ despite being (a) male and (b) a stuffed moose. A previous round of voting was thrown out due to alleged irregularities,² and the election was moved to – blecch! – MySpace. I do not personally have (nor care to have) a MySpace account,³ so I am asking all of you who do to cast a vote in my stead. To vote, simply send a MySpace message stating "I vote for Bradwinkle" to the RockyRadio MySpace account. Only one vote per MySpace account is allowed. Thank you.

¹This link is not entirely worksafe. It contains thumbnails of the nine contenders; eight of whom are ladies in various states of undress and the ninth of whom is a stuffed moose in a g-string.
²There may also have been racist anti-stuffed-moose sentiments involved.
³Which means that I, and doubtless many others, are being disenfrachised by this second round of voting. I would be more vocally opposed to this disenfranchisement, were my lack of voting in this round not cancelled out by my overabundance of voting in the previous round.