February 17th, 2007


Vodka Infusion: The Next Generation

I started off a couple of new vodka infusions last night. The first is caramel, a flavor I've been dying to try since the Scienticians first reported on their experiments with it. It's inevitable that we'll be duplicating each others' efforts if we all keep this up; but this is a simple case of outright idea theft by me. Still, it may be worth it in the end.

The other infusion I started last night was pineapple. The Scienticians are also working on a pineapple infusion right now, but this is a case of both of us coming up with the same idea at the same time independently. They just got to it first because I spend a week and a half away on vacation. It will be interesting to contrast our results. (I've already noticed that the pineapple in the vodka seems to be expanding – perhaps the pineapple is absorbing the vodka more than the vodka is absorbing the pineapple?)

I was going to start a banana infusion last night as well, but apparently Richard finished off the bananas while I wasn't looking, and I didn't realize that in time to go back out and get more (since we had people over last night). I've always liked the combination of strawberry and banana; so I'm currently debating whether I should infuse those two flavors into separate batches of vodka, and then test them both independently and combined … or if I should just go ahead and infuse strawberries and banana into the same batch of vodka? Decisions, decisions…

Q was mocking me while I discussed and carried out these experiments, adding flavors to vodka. I didn't give her critiques any notice, however, since she was drinking chocolate raspberry coffee stout while she was making them.