February 18th, 2007


Vodka Infusion Update

Regardless of whether or not I put too much caramel into the vodka last night, twenty-four hours later it's almost all dissolved (except for some traces stuck to the bottom of the jar) and the fluid has the color and opacity of coffee milk (you New Englanders know what I'm talking about). I'll wait at least until tomorrow to open it up and check it out, though.

Brendan, one of the Scienticians, says that they've had similar results with their pineapple infusion. Like mine, the pineapple in theirs is expanding; but he says that "the pineapple flavor is indeed infusing well in [their] vodka" anyway. I'll give this one a little longer before I check its progress.

I had to go grocery shopping this afternoon, so I picked up a bunch of bananas while I was out. I just split one with Richard; I gave half of it to him to eat, and I sliced the other half into discs to use in a third infusion. (If I'd had an audience, I would have sliced the banana inside the peel, then opened the peel to reveal the banana already sliced within. But Q knows that trick, and Richard would just have been impatient to get his share.) I only had enough plain Stolichnaya left to fill the third jar half-way (which is why I only used half a banana). This one's a preliminary experiment, as I'll have to try bananas and strawberries as separate infusions before my goal of combining them into a strawberry-banana vodka.

There is still some discussion as to the ingredients and methods that will have to be employed to create chocolate vodka. I'd prefer to find a way to infuse the flavor into the vodka, since I've already done chocolate vodka in the past as a solution.