February 20th, 2007


George Takei PSA

This was recorded in response to former NBA player Tim Hardaway's comments such as "I hate gay people. Let it be known I don't like gay people. I'm homophobic." As repellent as Hardaways comments are, I don't believe he should be fired because he exercised his free (albeit brainless) speech (I wonder if he'll end up suing the NBA and getting his multimillion dollar paycheck anyway?) The proper response to free speech, as Penn Jilette has frequently pointed out, is not less but more free speech. And here's George Takei giving Tim Hardaway a response which ought to give him the willies.

And for those who are wondering what George's former colleagues are up to lately, Leonard Nimoy will be appearing tonight on the History Channel and William Shatner is taking pictures of a naked Russian chick (nsfw).