February 23rd, 2007


[Infusion] A Few Words

Because the Black Death, in all its myriad forms, continues to plague everyone I know, my experimentation has again mirrored that of the [info]Scienticians. One of their experiments was delayed due to Wayland coming down with the flu; and I was unable to try out at least one of my creations (I had intended to test the caramel vodka) on Tuesday because of a migraine (and the don't-take-with-alcohol drugs I used to fight the migraine). I'll give it another try tonight; and check the progress on the pineapple and banana infusions as well (to see if either of them is ready for decanting and tasting).

In preparation for tonight's possible taste test, I moved the caramel vodka into the freezer last night. Thus far, it's been noted that the results of many of these experiments must be chilled and/or allowed to "breathe" before they are fit for sampling. The Scienticians, when describing their caramel vodka, frequently pointed out that it needed to be shaken before drinking, as some of the caramel tended to settle. Last night I noticed that behavior for the first time in my experiment (up until then, the caramel vodka in my jar was always a light brown milky fluid).

There has been very little change in the color of the vodka thus far in both the pineapple and banana experiments (in the case of the pineapple, this is consistent with the results the Scienticians have reported with their pineapple vodka; though they have yet to try a banana infusion). The pineapple, on the other hand, has lost some color (and expanded) as it absorbed some of the vodka and lost some of its flavor. There has been less discoloration observed in the banana slices; but that's not surprising, as they didn't have very much color to begin with.

Already pondering future experiments. Was given bad ideas from the mention of Girl Scout Cookies the other day.