March 5th, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

Chocolate Vodka Unbound

I performed the first taste tests alone, although I'm sure I'll have volunteers to double-check my findings later. The first sampling was a shot of chocolate vodka, straight out of the freezer, shaken firmly, and poured into the glass. In a word … yummy. The chocolate was smooth, rolling over my tongue; and the vodka was a slow burn, sliding down my throat. Neither one was strong enough to overpower the other, and the aftertaste was a pleasant combination of the two. The only problem with chocolate vodka in this form is that it is, you'll recall, a solution – not an infusion. One is tempted to slowly sip the chocolate vodka, savoring it a little at a time … but if you take too long, the chocolate will begin to settle to the bottom of the glass. If you want to sip, therefore, your best bet is only to pour yourself a little at a time (and hope that nobody else chugs it before you go back for seconds).

The second test was a in the form of a mixed drink. I realize that not everybody likes to taste too much of the vodka, after all.¹ As I said I would, I tried it next in coffee. The first observation which I should make is that the coffee solves, at least in part, the problem above; in that the hot coffee helps to keep the chocolate dissolved for much longer. Regretfully, I used instant coffee for the experiment rather than the coffee which GWIII personally roasts, flavors, and grinds;² but I don't think that this detracted in a large way from the final result. I only put in a small shot of the chocolate vodka, just enough to give the coffee a hint of chocolate flavor (and a bit of a kick). Niiiiiice. Between the chocolate and the shot of Irish cream I also added, in lieu of milk,³ I didn't even have to add any sweetener – the coffee was not bitter, but not too sweet either. This is exactly the sort of drink which I wish I had found waiting for me after I came in from shoveling snow a week or two ago. Success!

The chocolate vodka (straight up)
In the coffee (like my mug?)

¹My famous punch has a truly mind-staggering – in more ways than one – quantity of alcohol in it … but you would never know that from the innocent fruit juicy taste.
²I didn't want to brew a batch of coffee just for a single mugfull. I also used a low-acid brand of instant coffee, since I've been having issues with heartburn again lately and coffee is one of the main culprits.
³As a good and responsible daddy, I didn't want to take the milk which Richard has first dibs on. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.