March 9th, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

Oh Yeah, I've Got Issues!

I'm surprised, and a little touched,¹ at the overwhelmingly positive response that my Allah Sulu Presidential (2008) poll received. There was only one negative response, just recently made by somebody who still has my Trigun DVDs. I think I definitely need to form an exploratory committee² to decide what sort of campaign I need to run if I do throw the ol' Santa hat into the ring.

Seven of you (as of this writing) have expressed a need to know more about my stands on the issues before committing themselves.³ Of those seven, some of them were not around for my 2004 campaign, and thus can be excused for their shocking ignorance… Anyway, my previous statements can be viewed by skimming through my entries with the allah_sulu for president tags. One of my controversial opinions involved gay marriage – I believe that gay marriage should only be allowed for homosexuals. Some may call that discrimination, but that's just the way that I roll. I've got values, and I'm not afraid to use them. Another issue which my previous campaign boldly faced was that of evil vampire cheerleaders.

I will be allowing my constituents (that would be you) to ask me screened, anonymous questions at some point in the near future, so that you will be able to learn anything about me which you aren't afraid to ask (and that I'm willing to answer). Thank you again for your support.

¹(in the head)
²For now, the exploratory committee consists of myself, a flashlight, and a map. I've already found something which I think is my elbow.
³Those who know about my issues are more likely to try to commit me.