March 22nd, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

Pineapple Vodka Redux

Nobody came over Friday night, due to the snow, sleet, and freezing rain; so I put off (again) further experimentation with the chocolate vodka. Instead, I decided to finish off the small amount of pineapple vodka that was left over. When it took it out of the freezer, it was partially frozen – apparently, there was enough juice in the vodka (remember, the coffee filter only takes out the solid chunks) for it to freeze. It hadn't frozen originally, before we drank most of it, which makes me assume that what we drank before was mostly vodka, and the juice had settled to the bottom. The solution¹ remaining (once I let it thaw) was definitely higher in juice and lower in vodka than the samples tasted previously. I drank some of it straight, and the rest mixed with Diet Coke (which was quite good).

¹Pardon me while I stick my tongue out at sethcohen.


For Q, From Penny Arcade

This is the trailer (in Japanese) for Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix.

Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix is a Japanese release of the game that contains all the extra shit they added to the US version. If that was all it did that would be fine but it also includes a full remake of Chain of Memories.

Now I'll forgive you if you never played Chain of Memories. It was a KH game for the GBA. The cool thing about it was that they introduced a really awesome card battle system. Everything from regular attacks with your Key Blade to magic and summons was based on playing cards. Playing the right cards in the right order could even earn you combos. I'm a sucker for card based battle and combining it with KH was almost too much to take. In the trailer for KH2:Final Mix you'll see a big chuck of footage that shows Sora drawing on a deck of cards, that's Chain of Memories. Apparently they have completely remade the entire game in 3D! I've also read a couple reports on the game that seem to say you can use the Chain of Memories card battle system to play back through the original KH:2 storyline. I'm not sure even I'm crazy enough to try that but it's a cool feature. Honestly I'd buy it just for the Chain of Memories content.

The problem is that I haven't seen anything saying the game is coming to the US. I don't know if it just hasn't been announced yet or if Square isn't planning on bringing it over...


For The Bakers On My F-List

The Baker's Edge brownie pan is a labyrinthine trough running through a rectangular pan. The topology means that every brownie cut from the pan has at least two edges, to ensure maximum crunchy/doughy contrasts throughout the snack.

Because the edge pieces are always the best!