March 28th, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

Random Things That Piss Me Off Because I Give Them Way Too Much Thought

Every time I see the BORДT DVD cover (because I'm in a store where such things are for sale), it bothers me. Why is that?¹ Because of the gratuitous and incorrect placement of a non-Romanic character in the title. No matter how it looks, the cyrillic character Д is not the equivalent of the letter A; it's actually analogous to the letter D. So when I see "BORДT" on the box, I don't see "BORAT" … I see "BORDT". The same goes for MY BIG FAT GRΣΣK WEDDING – whenever I refer to that one,² I pronounce the fourth word "Grssk".

¹I mean besides the fact that he looks like a git.
²Which, granted, doesn't happen very often.