April 9th, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

What I Did On Friday

Friday night, the last of the chocolate vodka was consumed.¹ I had some with the new Caramel Cream Diet Pepsi Jazz, and Katy had some mixed with banana-flavoured² Cruzan rum. Both mixtures were extremely good; although I made the mistake of adding the soda to the vodka instead of the other way around, so I got a lot of chocolaty foam at the top of my drink. When I poured out the last of the vodka, I saw that there were half a dozen or so lumps of chocolate at the bottom of the jar – apparently, some of the chocolates (I'd put in more than that) didn't dissolve all of the way (even after all of this time). Rather than waste them, I poured the last of the banana rum into the jar and shook it up, in the hopes of dissolving the rest and having another yummy chocolate/banana drink later.

¹References: Creation, First Test, and Separation.
²The extra "u" is there to make her boyfriend happy. Although it sounds like he already is…