April 12th, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

LJ Game of "I've Never"

Here's how it works: Write a list of 20 or more things which you've never done in your life. Please keep them limited to things you could have possibly done. (For example, don't say "I've never been to the moon" or "I have never been drafted by the Yankees" or something like that.) Your list can contain anything. It can have to do with travel, sex, personal experiences, etc. Once you have your list, copy and paste someone else's list under it (be sure to give an LJ name to the list you're copying) and strike thru everything on their list that you HAVE done.

I've seen too many people doing this meme, so I've already replied to some of them with my strikeouts on their lists. I do NOT think that you should copy other people's lists into your journals, with their names attached, when they originally posted the lists in a friends-only or otherwise filtered entry. Anyway, here's a list of twenty things which I've never done (helpfully alphabetized, for no good reason):

  • Been arrested
  • Been on the receiving end of anal sex
  • Been to Asia
  • Broken any bones
  • Cheated on a significant other
  • Eaten an animal which I've killed
  • Fired a gun
  • Gone skydiving
  • Had a body piercing below the belt
  • Had sex with someone under the age of consent
  • Had sex with someone who was not an American citizen
  • Injected illegal drugs into my veins
  • Joined the Mile-High Club
  • Kissed GWIII on the lips
  • Passed out from donating blood
  • Rode a motorcycle
  • Seen any of the Godfather movies
  • Shaved my head
  • Worn contact lenses
  • Worn a thong