May 17th, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

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ladycrim posted: "Make a comment in this entry. I'll go to your profile, pick 3 userpics and interests, and then you explain them in your journal. Include this text or not.¹" Here's my explanation for the interests and icons she chose …

This one has 59 communities and 492 users, so I really can't recall who it was I got it from. This was one of those interests that some people recommend other people add,² just to pump up the hits and falsify statistics for that interest. In that sense, it's kind of ironically self-referencing. Anyway, it made me snicker a bit, so I added it. (Actually, I had a suspicion or two from whom I might have gotten it, so I checked their profile pages. disappearinjon also has "falsifying statistics" as an interest, so I think I got it from him.)

Obviously, this one's a reference to lots42. Over the years, I've done a number of things (animated GIFs, had my interests list up to the maximum of 150, etc.) which have bothered him; some deliberate, some unintentional. Of course, I've also annoyed any number of other people, too; but I've been doing it to him for longer (since I knew him on Usenet long before I got onto LJ. In fact, he's one of the people I got onto LJ just to play head games with). Perhaps he might remember if there was a specific event that caused me to create this interest. (Oddly enough, only three³ LJ users have this interest – two of them are me, and the third is one of lots42's own sockpuppets.)

This is another interest that I originated myself, rather than copy from someone else. A lot of people have various unicode characters for interests (such as or ), but I was the first to use this one (and of the three³ LJ users who have this interest; once again, two of them are me. I have no idea who the third, lilslasher, is; but they have a whole bunch of unicode characters on their Interests list). Anyway, you'll find ζ° near the bottom of this table of Japanese emoticons – it's supposed to look like John Lennon (as he might have drawn himself).

Someone else (possibly cmndrcuddles?) had a "Diet Code With Bacon" image (which I made an icon from). That inspired me to make a bacon-flavored vodka ("Stolichnaya Bakonsk", using my non-existent Russian skills) label. I shrunk it down to icon size, and subsequently managed to lose the full-sized image from which the icon was made. Obviously, I did this because vodka is a large part of the LJ persona I've crafted; and also because I just happen to really like bacon as well.

This icon is supposed to be a caricature of me, done in the style of the Powerpuff Girls (using the Powerpuff Girls Portrait Studio). The tiny Santa hat, hovering over my head, is supposed to be reminiscent of the hat worn by the show's Mayor; and my hair is depicted as blond because, at the time, it had been bleached blond (for playing the part of Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picture Show). Most of the LJ caricatures of me feature wings, a Santa hat, and/or a t-shirt with HUH? written on it. (Some of the older ones also have me smoking, but that's been mostly phased out.) I enjoy using and customizing icons of myself (or, rather, the LJ caricature of myself) in various styles; such as South Park, Lego, etc. You can see many more (and find the links to the studios I used, so that you can make your own), on my Icon Gallery pages.

"Twin Moment" ("TM" for short) is an expression commonly used by some of my friends (I think I saw it first between j_brew and purplefreak) for when two people say, think, or do the same thing at the same time. (Here is an icon they use when expressing that sentiment.) After a number of times when I went to post a specific comment in someone's LJ, only to see that someone else had beat me to it, I decided to make a Twin Moment icon of my own. The two "twins" in this icon are Choda-Boy from Orgazmo and Dipsy from Teletubbies, because they both have a big dick on their heads.

¹I usually ignore memes like this, often because they have some mandatory "if I do this for you, you must do this for other people" tagging element to them – and I hate compulsory meme tags. This time, though, you aren't required to pass it on … so, oddly enough, I am passing it on. Want me to choose interests and icons for you? Say so.
²as ladycrim herself did with texas witch trials
³"Three" as of this writing; others may add these interests (and are welcome to) after seeing them here.