May 18th, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

The Meme Goes Ever Onwards

  • It's not part of the original specifications for the three icons/interests meme, but I've added a final step which some of you might also want to consider doing. After people explain the icons and interests I chose, I've been explaining back to them why I chose those particular icons and interests. So far, it's been interesting on my end (and I hope on yours); I haven't yet had to whip out an appropriately befaceted die to randomly choose among anyone's icons or interests.

  • For my own icons and interests, I only provided explanations for those which were chosen for me by ladycrim. If any of you are dying for an explanation for any of my other icons/interests, here is a good place to ask. (Note that most of my icons are already explained in my icon galleries).

EDIT: I've done so many now that I hope I remember the reasoning behind my choices...