June 10th, 2007

Allah Sulu-South Park

Who Wants To Do Shots?

Q found a different caliber of vodka for me recently. She bought me a bottle of Sniper Vodka, which comes in a rifle-shaped bottle. Perfect for doing shooters, and a graphic illustration of just what vodka does to your liver and brain cells. (Mmmmm, fried brain cells... *drool*) It's made by Polmos Bialystok¹ in Poland, and looks pretty cool. (I did a little Googling to find a link for Sniper Vodka, by the way, and found another place that sells vodka swords.) Collapse ) Should I try to infuse it with gunpowder?

¹I wonder if they sold 25,000% of the profits, and then set out to make a vodka which would lose money?

EDIT: Q's response upon hearing the name "Polmos Bialystok" was to say "Bialystok undt BOOM!" in her Ulla-answering-the-phone voice.