July 16th, 2007


(no subject)

The name "Peter David" came up a few times in conversation last weekend – when the Scienticians and I discussed the writing on Babylon 5, when GWIII and I mentioned a couple of his books, etc. I knew he was at Shore Leave, but I didn't get a chance to attend any panels or other events that he was at … or so I thought. 'Twas a pity, since we'd mentioned a thing or two we'd like to say to him, or ask him…

Turns out that I was hanging out next to him in the Green Room during the Masquerade for some time (even exchanged a touch of small talk). He entered as one of the three Beasts (the X-Man, on the right) … but because of the costume and makeup, and the fact that he entered under the name "Hank McCoy", nobody knew that it was him. (Apparently, he didn't want to influence the judges or other competitors.)