December 22nd, 2007


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I've already received a few vodkas (vodkae?) for Christmas.¹ One of them, which I broke out for guests (and, of course, myself) last night was P.I.N.K. Q gave it to me, and it's infused with caffeine and guarana. Nice. (There's just a hint of added flavor when you try it straight; and the vodka is strong without a heavy afterburn.) It also mixed well with cola and some different juices. Tomorrow, I'll make something with the Bacon Salt from aurienne and ironkite.

¹The others were from Katy and Tim, and Jim. They haven't been opened … yet.

Drunken President

Negative Campaigning

My "opposition researchers" recently dropped off this testimonial into my inbox. I just cannot emphasize enough that you can't trust any of the other candidates, and that you must ergo vote for me. This picture proves it.

Poll #1110422 Test-Does Negative Campaigning Work?

After seeing this picture, whom do you intend to vote for?

Allah Sulu, of course.
Ron Paul.
One of the other candidates.
Screw you all – I'm voting for that cat.