January 7th, 2008

Rocky Horror

Sometimes, A Plan Doesn't Come Together

For months last year, my Rocky Horror cast put up posterboards with our website (www.trannyconcubines.com) in front of the screen before the audience was let in, and left it there during the announcements, rules, devirginizations, and/or preshows (but took it down before the movie started, obviously). Here is Collapse ) I took that picture, and a couple of quick measurements, because I wanted to play a little joke. Last week, I made two properly-sized signs – one with "POR" on it, and the other with a "P" – which I was planning to slip over the URL when nobody was looking (since most people would be backstage occupied with makeup, costumes, or other props once the front of the theater was set up). I was wondering how long it would take before someone noticed that they were advertising "TRANNY PORCUPINES".

We arrived at the theater, and I went straight in with Richard and my signs (concealed under a couple of Q's props that she planned to use in her MC duties). I was not scheduled to do anything. Imagine my disappointment when the cast URL was absent, and I was told that they no longer used it because the brand-new (and taller) tank blocked it. Bitches.

So, I sat there in the audience with my signs, and occasionally (at random intervals) I just held them up and yelled "PORP!!" at the top of my lungs. I'm sure plenty of people were wondering what that was all about, but were afraid to ask…

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