January 14th, 2008


Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Was it five times, or six? I've lost count…

Saturday, for the fifth (or so) time in the last couple of months, I was planning to go out and donate blood. My blood is apparently in high demand, as they keep calling me and calling me and calling me more than Ferris Bueller harrassing Cameron Frye for a ride. Unfortunately, I keep having to cancel, either because I feel smeggy or because something else comes up.

I woke up a little groggy Saturday morning, which isn't uncommon since I'm usually up pretty late Friday night. A good breakfast and plenty of fluids was all I would normally need before going out to see the professional vampires. However, as the morning progressed, I felt worse and worse, and also rather warmer than usual. After Q got up a while later (she's always later to bed and later to rise than me) I ended up collapsing back in bed for half the afternoon.

So, any minute now, the Red Cross is bound to call me up and try to schedule another appointment for me this week. I'll make sure to pick a weekday … who wants to feel like crap on the weekend?

Allah Sulu-South Park

They Also Have Mango, Mango, Mango Mango Mango, Mangooo...

This is a plug for Van Gogh Vodka.¹ I've received several gift bottles of vodka recently, of varying levels of awesomeness. For Christmas, Jim gave Q a bottle of pomegranate Van Gogh which was extremely delicious. Q loves pomegranate; and she shared it with other people who also found it rather tasty. It was a good find, not just because it was an extremely good vodka in and of itself, but because pomegranate is not a common vodka flavor.

Jim followed this up by presenting me with a bottle of double espresso Van Gogh last weekend, which was incredible. Smooth enough to drink straight without being chilled first, with a very strong taste and smell of espresso. It also seemed to mix well with everything. Jim put some in his beer, and I tried it in both chocolate milk and cola.² Last night, Katy and I were drinking it mixed with hot cocoa with a hint of peppermint. Mmmmmmmmm…

I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do³ with some of the other varieties of Van Gogh in the future. (Lori – they have Dutch chocolate!)

¹For some reason, this page doesn't want to open properly on my machine under IE6, but works fine with Firefox.
²Not at the same time. Ew.
³I'm thinking "drink".