January 23rd, 2008

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Two Videos

The Internet Party: What happens when Google's parents leave town for the weekend. (So digg, ebaY and Facebook walk into a room…)

Internet People: Dan Meth presents an animated tribute to the internet people of the world, wherever you may be. (This one wins simply for including "House of Cosbys".)

EDIT: New video links added…

Sithentology: Darth Vader's indoctrination video (Tom Cruise parody, obviously).

MacHEADS trailer: A movie about another cult ("I've never knowingly slept with a Windows user. Ever. That would never happen.")

Allah Sulu-South Park

I've Already Lost Count Of How Many Books I've Read In 2008

From Cracked.com — "The absolute worst part about every fantasy novel, apart from the writing, is the ludicrous cover art they all seem to have."

Cracked.com has a metric buttload¹ of "best" and "worst" lists, and I just read a few of them after following the links from one of the videos in my previous post. I found "The Best (Worst) Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Covers" particularly amusing because I actually own one of those novels (which isn't as bad as the cover, really). Actually, I should probably be surprised that I've only read one of them, given how much bad skiffy and fantasy I've read in my lifetime… Anyway, if you want a challenge, you can read the list and try to guess which one of them I own, or you can just peek under the cut tag for the answerCollapse )

¹That would be an "arseload" in olde English units.