February 9th, 2008

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Literary SF Haiku

Ganked from yendi, who ganked it from matociquala, who…

All the Nebula winners through 2004, in haiku.

1965 - Dune
Don’t drink the water
You find on desert planets
It will make you God.

1966 - Flowers for Algernon
This book is good if
You can avoid thinking of
Pinky and the Brain.

1984 - Neuromancer
1 \X/1|| |-|@><><0|2 j00
\X/17|-| |\/|`/ |_||}3|2|337 $|<1||z0|2$|
This is kind of sad.

1985 - Ender’s Game
Outcast kid genius
Though unpopular, saves Earth
Guess why geeks love this.

1986 - Speaker for the Dead
Gosh Ender’s Game rocked.
And wow! Now there’s a sequel!
Hey, wait a minute…