February 12th, 2008


Reach Out And Touch Someone

The primaries are finally being held in my state today. Normally, the nominee would already be a done deal by now; but this year, it might actually matter (a little bit) who Maryland chooses. This is probably important to some people, those who have an (R) or a (D) next to their voter registration. I personally am not registered with either party, nor is either party pushing a candidate whom I support, so I really don't care.¹

Why do I bring this up? Well, since the delegates are still being battled over, there are some people who do care who Marylanders vote for, and they're calling Marylanders – the ones with the (R) or (D), presumably, because they're not calling me – to hassle them about their candidates. Seems counter-productive to me; I've seen more than one person say that they wouldn't vote for someone after being inundated with their telespam. Anyway, someone on my friends list (I won't say who, since her entry was friends-only) who is also from a state holding primaries today has been receiving a number of these calls in the last couple of days, so that she's letting her answering machine pick up any calls that she doesn't recognize on the caller ID. She was complaining to her LJ yesterday about all of the campaign calls she's getting…

So, smart-ass that I am, I called her up last night to push the Allah Sulu campaign message. (She heard what I was saying to her machine, and picked up the phone when she realized who I was.)

¹I will not be explaining or debating this point here. As the general election approaches, I'd just like to remind everyone that my friends list comes from all points on the political spectrum, and my journal is a drama-free zone on pain of deletion and/or bannination.