March 3rd, 2008


[NSFW] Now That's A Campaign Event!

And I call my campaign the "Party Party"…

IZO — Pagan traditions are buried not-so-very-deep in Russia. To mark the presidential elections, on 29 February the performance group War, which is headed by Oleg Vorotnikhin, staged a "mass fuck" (массовая ебля) entitled Fuck for the Teddy-Bear Heir (Ебись за наследника Медвежонка!) in (appropriately enough, I suppose) the Biological Museum in Moscow. The teddy-bear heir is a reference to presidential candidate Dmitri Medevedev, whose surname means "bear". UPDATE: LJ user plucer has a load more photos and info (in Russian). UPDATE 2: on reading plucer, I discover that the blonde girl on the left¹ is English (a British Council spy, probably, except I heard they keep their knickers on even in the sauna) and is shouting, "Yes, bear forever!"

This is completely unrelated to this guy (HillaryProject08) who offered $1,000,000 For Hillary Clinton To Pose Nude.

¹EDIT: There's an image in the IZO article which I didn't reproduce here; I didn't think it was worth it to include the picture but then have to cut-tag it.