March 7th, 2008


Time Travel!

I'm receiving signals from the past, in the form of an avalanche of notification emails from LiveJournal for all of yesterday's comments.
This weekend, using a process pioneered in part by the great sage Benjamin Franklin, we shall be leaping an hour into the future by means of Daylight Savings Time.
My new computer at work has MS Office 2007 on it, and I can't stand being slown down to hunt for where they've moved all of the commands and options when I'm trying to work. So, traveling back in time to previous versions, I've attached the old menus as training wheels.

The Gazebo Won

After Gary Gygax died, there was a flood of shocked announcements, sentimental reminiscences, and cheap jokes scattered across the internet – most of it repetitive or predictable. ("He failed his saving throw hurr hurr hurr!") I just bring this up because I wanted to show off the one that (in my opinion) was the best riff on the topic: