April 9th, 2008

Allah Sulu-South Park

[South Park] Trivia

In my copious spare time, I've been re-watching some episodes of South Park online (they're all here and here). One episode from last season, "Night of the Living Homeless," had some of the adults trapped on top of the Park County Community Center by hordes of the homeless (in a parody of certain well-known zombie movies).

That's a real building. I've seen it. In fact, I know I have a picture of it somewhere (or at least I used to); but I've been unable to find the photos from my Denver trip in 1999 (except for the ones from the Rocky Horror convention that was the reason why I was in Denver in the first place). The convention took place on Friday and Saturday; but we (myself, Jeff, and Lisa) were in Denver until either Monday night or Tuesday morning, so we had some time to kill in the area before our flight home. On Sunday we hung out with some of the local Rocky Horror cast, and on Monday we drove up into the mountains and found South Park, Colorado. Fortunately, we weren't there at the same time as Mecha-Streisand.

EDIT: The Park County Community Center also apprears in others episodes like "Cripple Fight", "Grey Dawn", "Good Times With Weapons", "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow", and Cartoon Wars Part I.