May 4th, 2008

Allah Sulu-South Park

Writer's Block: My First Car

What was your first car?

The first two cars I drove were both 1976 Chevy Novae. The first was killed when I was driving it, the second when my brother was driving it. The first car that was actually in my name was a Plymouth Turismo, the first car I bought was a Dodge Aspen ($500, piece of shit), the first car I bought (and financed) from a dealer was a 1994 Saturn SL2, and (finally) the first new car that I bought was a 2002 Saturn L100SE (which I am still driving). Too much info? (That's not the full list of cars, either; I went through several while I was in college.)


Stark Raving Mad

Finally saw Iron Man this afternoon, and it did not disappoint. That's actually saying something, as I had built up some extremely high hopes for this film (as opposed to, say, the three Star Wars prequels and the last two Star Trek movies which all managed to disappoint despite the abysmally low expectations I held going in). I say "finally" because, had things been different, I would have been there on opening night. However, regardless of how big a geek I may be, there are some things which hold an even higher priority – such as the fact that yesterday was my wife's birthday. Still, it wasn't easy waiting, given how every single person in the world who's seen the movie has come up issuing glowing reviews, including some people I know whom you would not normally expect to be raving over a superhero flick. I told Q yesterday that I would have felt better if just one person on my friends list had told me it sucked.