May 6th, 2008

Allah Sulu-Powerpuff

Writer's Block: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

What is one thing you MUST do before you go to bed at night?

Even if it's time (or well past time) for me to go to bed, I can't go from "wide awake" to "asleep" without running down first. If we've been to Rocky Horror, for instance, then I'll still be wide awake when we get home (hopefully, or else I'll have crashed the car!) despite the late hour and I'll need to wind down before I can even try to go to sleep. Usually, this involves reading (either on the computer or from a book).

Allah Sulu-South Park


I found this site (May Days of 2008) while googling, and just thought I'd mention a few:

International Fake British Accent Day – Talk with a fake British accent all day. If you are bloody British, then just talk and you're all set. Obviously, this one is good for Tim and Steve, since it gives them an excuse to "just talk" all blooming day.
International Mountain Dew Day – Drink Mt. Dew, regular or diet. If you don't like it, then wear the shirt or make a statement. For j_brew, of course.
International Be Sexually Inappropriate With Your Friends Day – This is routine for most, but make every flirtatious move you make on your friends count. Do anything your heart desires on this day. Too bad this isn't on Saturday; it could be fun at Rocky Horror…
International Videogame Marathon Day – Play lots of video games all day today. Guitar Hero/Rock Band can be used again if need be. For Q and many others…
International Humorous T-Shirt Day – Wear a funny and clever T-shirt today. Don't have one? Buy or make one. I've got this one covered. I could probably wear a different one each hour, except that many of mine aren't safe for work (and this is a work day).