June 4th, 2008


Top Commenters to My LJ

I hadn't run this in a while, so I figured I might as well give it a look after I saw techempage's most recent update. I downloaded and installed scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard 1.7 (the last time I ran it was on a different PC, and I was too lazy to do the whole thing manually) to get the preliminary table, but I did a little crunching before I got the final version below. scrapdog's version only gives you the top 100 posters; you may notice less than that on my list because I combined a few people who were there under multiple names (forgive me if I missed any), dropped the other deleted accounts, and even dropped one entry which was another one of my accounts. I also fixed it so that people who were tied got the same ranking, and I made the red color bar actually proportionate to the number of comments.

1thetaet 1349
2careyonly 842
3forkintheroad 527
4cmndrcuddles 524
5j_brew 508
6aurienne 373
7gwiii 361
8hat_madigan 350
9bouncepogo 331
10blargblarg 314
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Big Mother Is Watching You

On my extended trip home today (it was raining, which always makes DC drivers lose their driving skills and/or brains and/or balls), I saw a car driven by a guy who looked high school-ish age. There was a bumpersticker on his car with a phone number and an URL:

Apparently you're supposed to contact this company, either by phone or web, and tattle on the poor, sad kid who's saddled with these parents. All you have to do is provide the license plate number in order to get your message to the correct parents. The free-text remark field is supposed to be limited to 100 characters (although it didn't stop me at a hundred; bad coding I guess. I assume it would have truncated if I went over), so this is the message I sent to TellMomnDad.com: Showing topological expertise, your son kept all four wheels on the ever-changing road at all times.

(I'm tired and cranky; it was best I could come up with off the top of my head. Anyway, I wanted to confuse 'em.)