June 8th, 2008


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I'm not sure what Hollywood means when they say that this is "No Country for Old Men". After all, we've just seen the return of John McClane, Rocky Balboa, John Rambo, and now Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. (When I say "we", I'm speaking metaphorically – I saw Live Free or Die Hard on the small screen, but I have no plans to see either of the Stallone flix.) Every flaw listed in the above comic strip, and in most reviews on my friends list, is essentially correct. This is a movie which is full of holes the size of Skywalker Ranch. In fact, I spotted a pretty big one myself which I have yet to see anyone else mention:

I can't imagine anyone in the audience being stupid enough to not realize that "Mutt" was Indy's son. However, it came as a surprise to several of the characters in the movie, including Mutt himself – who never even suspected that Professor Henry Jones Jr. might be his father despite the fact that Mutt's real name was revealed to be Henry Jones III. How the fuck do you not pick up a clue like that‽‽

(The name "Mutt" was a nice reference to the fact that "Indiana" Jones had named himself after his pet dog.)

In any event, I still enjoyed the movie because I went in without any high expectations, and with my sense of disbelief (and other higher brain functions) suitably suspended. Intelligent it wasn't. A perfect script (or even a script as good as the original) it wasn't. But it was still fun. At the very least, it didn't insult me and poke me in the eye the way the recent Star Wars and Star Trek movies (just to name a few) did.