June 17th, 2008

Allah Sulu-South Park

Writer's Block: How I got on LJ

Who introduced you to LiveJournal? Why did you first open an account or get involved?

Well, I've told this story any number of times, but there are always more people who haven't read it yet, so here we go again, quickly. The year was 2002, and almost no one that I knew was on LJ. (Seth Cohen was, but I wasn't really aware of it as he didn't make it a practice to pimp out his journal or try to give out invite codes to the rest of us. Well, not to me, at the very least. I found and friended him later, but he wasn't a factor in my joining the LJ cult.) The only people I knew who were on LJ, and were trying to convince the rest of the circle to get onto LJ, were the denizens of a certain Usenet newsgroup. Some of them tried to convince us to sign up, and the rest of us refused. I had no interest in getting onto LJ and journaling, and said so.

Ah, but that was just because I didn't have a good reason to sign up. I found a good reason – to bust some balls. With an invite code from Lori, I created a sockpuppet account and didn't tell anyone else about it. I then spent a couple of months slowly befriending the other people in our circle (or better yet, getting them to befriend me first), and then spent several more months on all of their friends lists without any of them realizing it was me. I wasn't here to post emo song lyrics or pictures of the self-inflicted cuts on my arms, I was here to fuck with people. And I succeeded, as shown by the shock and awe that met my unmasking on April Fool's Day the next year.

At that point, I wasn't sure what to do with the journal. I didn't want to delete it, because I had met quite a few other interesting people during my time here … not to mention the dozens of other real-life friends who had joined LJ with invites that I had given them. (I had also created more journals for tole-playing other characters, something I continue when I can manage to scrape up the time.) I also rather enjoyed the “Vodka God” persona that I had created (which has taken on a life of its own and refused to die). So I kept it up, but I still used the journal more for shits and grins than anything serious – until I (and others) got married, became parents, and suddenly had all sorts of adult things to talk about.

I keep most of that stuff friends-locked or filtered, though, and still spend a great deal of LJ time on simple shits and giggles – and far too much time playing with the graphics and HTML that go into LJ posts, as evidenced by my community, Allah Sulu's Massive Tool.