June 26th, 2008


School Locked Down After 'Ninja' Sighted In Woods

Barnegat, NJ — It's the case of the nonexistent ninja. Public schools in Barnegat were locked down briefly after someone reported seeing a ninja running through the woods behind an elementary school. Turns out the ninja was actually a camp counselor dressed in black karate garb and carrying a plastic sword. Police tell the Asbury Park Press the man was late to a costume-themed day at a nearby middle school. The lockdown began shortly after 9 a.m. Wednesday and lasted until 9:30.

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Silly people. The simple fact that you spotted him so easily proves that it wasn't a real ninja.

Allah Sulu-South Park

Oh, What The Hell

I just finished telling people that I had no desire to do another "list of 100 titles" meme in my journal, and then sexychicken comes along with a list of two hundred books. What the Hell, Liz, what Hell However, I still had no desire to keep track of what boldface, italics, underline, and so forth meant; so let's hope this is easy to understand...

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