July 2nd, 2008

Allah Sulu-South Park


Before I left for work yesterday morning, Q told me she'd stolen a couple of bucks from me to buy eggs (since she was out and we were out). She said she was planning to make something I like. (She's been having fun trying out new things¹ recently.) She asked me if I had any guesses when I got home, but I hadn't really thought about it too much – yesterday was a busy day at work, and I just generally don't like playing guessing games. I wouldn't have guessed it anyway.


I love ravioli, but I've never had homemade ravioli before. This was really good, and also rather different from any ravioli I'd ever had before. First of all, the only flour we had at home was whole wheat flour, so that's what the pasta was made of. (She apologized if that made it taste weird, but I happen to like whole wheat; plus, this way I could convince myself that it was healthy and that I was therefore entitled to a second helping.) She used the bread machine to knead the dough, before rolling it out flat to put in the filling (she was just finishing off the last of them when I arrived; she was making and boiling them about half a dozen at a time). The filling was chicken, garlic, and parmesan cheese (puréed in a blender).

All told, it was yummy, and I have an awesome wife who's already trying to decide what to do differently the next time she tries making some…

¹And speaking of "trying out new things", the spearmint Q planted last year is growing like crazy; I'll have to pick a bunch of leaves and try a vodka infusion with them soon.