July 9th, 2008

Star Trek

Gang Aft Agley

All three parts of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men¹ (IMDb, Wiki) are available for free on-line viewing. I saw the trailer for this well over a year ago, and subsequently forgot all about it, but Lori reminded me of it today and sent me the link. It's an unofficial low-budget Star Trek movie which was written and directed by people involved with the TV series, and stars several actors from TOS (some reprising their original roles) and the later series (mostly appearing as original characters, except for Tim Russ as Tuvok). The effects are cheesy, some of it is slow, predictable, and/or unoriginal (i.e. reminiscent of Star Wars)² but overall it's enjoyable if you're a fan (and certainly worth the free admission). It takes place twelve years after James T. Kirk's "death" at the beginning of Star Trek: Generations, when he was sucked into the Nexus; and most of the middle actually occurs on an alternate timeline. That's all the spoilers you'll get.

¹That's a link to the official site, where you can see all three parts but have to give them your e-mail address in order to do so. They're high-quality FLV files which you can fairly easily save on your hard drive for repeat viewings (or for showing other people).
²Speaking of Star Wars, check out this comic "Into The Great Unknown" over at scans_daily.

Drunken President

That's My Mistake; I Wasn't In Predator

Sonny Landham is running for governor of Kentucky. The former tough guy actor had bit parts in several 1980s movies like Poltergeist and 48 Hours, TV shows like "Miami Vice" and "The A-Team", and even started out in hardcore porn. However, the thing that is most notable about his campaign is that, if he wins, he will be the third actor from Predator (after Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger) to be elected governor.

Also interesting as an additional statistical anomaly is that although all three of them ran under different party banners (Reform Party, Republican Party, and Libertarian Party), not one of them ran as a Democrat (despite the stereotype about actors' political leanings).

EDIT: He ran for governor years ago; his current campaign is actually for the Senate.