August 4th, 2008

Drunken President

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The latest Weekly World News poll asks "Who will the Aliens endorse for President?" As of this writing, McCain leads Obama by a single vote, with Nader (the only other option) trailing. I should object to my exclusion from this poll, since I've probably spent more time out of this world (and out of my mind) than any of the choices listed… Especially since none of the aliens that I know personally support any of those candidates.

Grrr... Arrgh...


Ain'tItCoolNews — The aborted animated look at Buffy Summers' high school years has seeped into the always-absorbant Internet. Giselle Loren, who worked on a couple of Buffy videogames, assays the slayer while Alyson Hannigan, Nick Brendon and Anthony Head all returned to lend their voices as well. It's kind of pretty! Learn more about the series that never was here.

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Allah Sulu-South Park


Q sent me an email about the Hippocampus, one of the parts of the brain. Studies have shown that people with a good sense of direction have a more developed hippocampus; in fact, one study of London cab drivers showed that their hippocampi were larger than those of the general public, and tended to be larger the longer the individual had spent driving a cab. Q responded that we know know which brain cells we've been killing off!