August 13th, 2008



I finally saw The Dark Knight last weekend, and enjoyed it. I'm not going to bother posting any kind of review because almost anything I'd want to say has already been said by other people who saw it and reviewed it before me. So here are a few minor, non-spoiler (for those who still haven't seen it) points:

  • I liked the fact that Nestor Carbonell, the actor who played Gotham City's Mayor Garcia, is the same guy who played Batmanuel in The Tick (live action version). Nice inside joke there.

  • I also liked the scene in the beginning, when the cop says that the investigation into the identity of the Batman is ongoing, and then the camera pans over to a bulletin board with pictures of the "possible suspects": Elvis Presley, Abraham Lincoln, and Bigfoot.

  • What was the deal with the way they showed off Gordon's son Jim in several scenes but kept his daughter hidden? You saw the son anytime there was a scene at the Gordon home, and he had several lines. The only time Gordon's daughter (who was listed in the credits as "Gordon's daughter") appeared was at the end; and she never spoke, struggled, or even showed her face – she was just a small figure in darkness. Given that Barbara Gordon is a major character in the DC universe, she deserved at least some mention. After all, DA Harvey Dent got a cameo in the first Michael Keaton Batman movie (played by Billy Dee Williams), even though he didn't show up (with a new face) as Two Face until two films later.
Drunken President

Admit It, I'd Make The Debates A Lot More Interesting

After two separate threads in two different friends' journals about how both candidates are flip-flopping and reversing their stands on the issues (and in at least one case, sanitizing their official website to remove all references to some previous positions), I just wanted to point out how much better I would be able to handle accusations of flip-floppery.

Allah Sulu:  I am strongly in favor of Issue X!
Reporter:Didn't you just say yesterday that you were against Issue X?
Allah Sulu:How should I know? I was drunk yesterday!
Reporter:Aren't you also drunk today?
Allah Sulu:Can I can get a question from one of the other three reporters?
Reporter:Ummm… I'm the only one here…
Allah Sulu:*hic!*