August 28th, 2008


"If You Walk Without Rhythm..."

Spotted this in the filk community. This image was the entirety of the post, with an unfortunate (but far too common) lack of detail. It doesn't tell you what state/country Parkville is in (I'm sure the world has many Parkvilles) or how much this event costs – and there's no URL to click on for additional information. (Posts like this are the bane of communities like rockyhorrorshow – "Come see Cast X this Saturday!" without providing a link or location. You know, the first two W's in WWW stand for World Wide.) </rant>

So anyway, after some prodding in the comments, more became clear. The Parkville in question is, as I suspected, the one adjacent to Baltimore, Maryland (Harford Road was a strong hint). The set, which will be performed outdoors, is 45 minutes to an hour long and is free. Finally, there's a website for Collectors Corner which has plenty of information which is totally unrelated to "Bene Gesserit Witch". (The Bene Gesserit are the original "Spice" girls, for those of you who don't know.) Is it possible I'll be there, if only out of curiosity? Yes. Is it probable? Can't say.

EDIT: With a little additional searching, I discovered the benegesseritwitch myspace page, which you'd think would have been a relevant link to include in the original post. (There are MP3s there.)

EDIT: My brother came up with "The Sleeper Must Awaken, And Thus Bring Home The Bacon" for a Dune song title.