September 3rd, 2008

Drunken President


So far, these are the candidates who have received at least two nominations for the position of Vice President on the Party Party ticket:

Bradwinkle – Will appeal to the people who want an historic First Token; and if all else fails, we can go for "third time's a charm" in 2012. Bradwinkle has also promised me "For the record, I would never secretly kill you or otherwise have you assassinated in order to rise to power myself. Nor would I have you replaced by an impersonator and secretly control your replacement, ala any Dave-esque type scenario." I don't know how important this pledge is to the voters, but it certainly makes me feel better.

GWIII – If you know what's good for you. GWIII would have a strong hand in shaping the foreign policy of my administration, and would probably do so almost entirely at random (except for France). I plan to stand by him during the inevitable Monkeygate scandals.

Q – She would be my First Lady and my Vice President (and, as an actual elected official, would have more clout than an unelected First Lady like Hillary Clinton had when she tried to mold policy). This would mean that I was both the President and Second Gentlemen – which would save the government money because the secret service would have less people to protect and the two of us could travel on a smaller, more energy-efficient plane than Air Force One. Also, none of our children are pregnant, which would save us from at least one baseless moronic media frenzy.

The Scienticians (Duct Tape Avenger and Techempage) – A co-vice presidency who will expand and improve American health care by infusing any and all medications into vodka for those who want an alternate method of intake besides pills and capsules – and if my administration can expand upon the drugs which are legal for medicinal use, well, imagine the vodka that would result then! Also among the obvious advantages of having two VPs is that one can be the "Designated Official" while the rest of us are drunk/hungover.


Just Sayin'

As I said to LarryV earlier, I'm in no hurry to download and install yet another browser on my machine. Sure, there's a lot of hype about Google's Chrome, but there's hyperbolic hype about everything Google does. I figured I'll wait for the bugs to get found and worked out. Sure enough, some have already materialized. Remember that browser carpet-bombing exploit vulnerability in Apple's Safari browser earlier this year, that they had to release a patch for? Chrome uses the same Webkit engine that Safari uses; and even though this was a known (and highly publicized) security hole, Google didn't bother patching it in Chrome. So yeah, if you got Chrome, enjoy it; I hear it's really fast. But like any other major software launch, I'll wait until it has a service pack or two under its belt.

EDIT: That being said, if any of you notice any oddities in the way Chrome handles HTML/CSS on LJ, especially the code generated by my Massive Tool, please let me know. I'll assume that it renders things more-or-less the way that Safari does until informed otherwise.