October 4th, 2008

Happy Fun Ball


Q just made me watch Time After Time, a movie I'd heard of but never seen before… Not that I haven't seen Jack the Ripper show up in a zillion other places. I just thought that it was exceptionally odd that, in a movie about Jack the Ripper starring Malcolm McDowell, that Malcolm wasn't playing the Ripper. Now I just have to finally make her watch Death Note 2 (the live action movie) because I just picked up the sequel L: Change The World. Oh, and this is the last movie I watched before Time After Time:

Happy Fun Ball

Another Movie

We just got back from seeing An American Carol. It's a bit over the top ("Zucker" has never been synonymous with "subtle"), but it did reinforce one of my long-held and deeply-felt beliefs: Anyone who enjoys doing the "chicken dance" at a wedding must be a terrorist.