October 9th, 2008


Song Lyric Meme, the Super-Challenge Edition

How many of these songs can you name, along with the artist and/or source? (Using Google or other search engines is, of course, forbidden.) Comments are screened so that you can still try to guess even after the first person got it right, and I'll post the answers (with video links where applicable) later.

  1. There's nothing sicker in society than a lack of liquor and sobriety. – Q
  2. Well, it's wrinkly and crinkly and covered in hair; and I don't know what I'd do if it was not there – x0arkadia0x
  3. Zankoku na tenshi no you ni, shonen yo, shinwa ni nare… – phil_g (partial credit), seaya (full credit)
  4. Let me give you some green color and you will ask for more, you will see that you never felt this way before – techempage
  5. Follow orders as you're told, make their yellow blood run cold; fight until you die or drop, a force like ours is hard to stop – techempage
  6. Boom goes London, boom Paris, more room for you and more room for me – aerindipity
  7. Dipidapi dallaa ruppati rupiran kurikan kukka ja kirikan kuu – seaya (partial credit)
  8. A million times I ask you; and then, I ask you over again; you only answer [song title] – outcastspice
  9. Every time I put my hand upon her knee, baby gets angry with me; cuz she's a good girl, I'm a bad boy, but I turn into a sad boy when she says, "Hey take your hands off of me." – howlingcoyote
  10. You smell nice and you're groovy, and we both like foreign movies; my mother says you have that touch of class… – radiant_one
  11. And I don't want to die, I want to see the flowers bloom, don't want to go kaput, kaboom¹
  12. Oh wait I've got one, this'll be a good one, all we've got to do is run up some stairs from the [song title] – Q
  13. Yappappa yappappa, ii shan ten; hashagu koi wa ike no koi – jeriendhal (partial credit), deathquaker (full credit)
  14. I want a girl who will fit me to a T, a woman who'll look good on me… – deathquaker (partial credit), techempage (full credit)
  15. You know it was her own damned fault when God turned that bitch to salt.
  16. Good heavens, Miss Sakimoto, you're beautiful! – jeriendhal
  17. I saw her walking on down the line (yeah), you know I saw her for the very first time – dibob50
  18. tlhIngan SuvwI' qan jIHbe', 'ach SuvDI' vay' ghIH vaj bom vIchennISmoH jIH 'e' vIHarbejtaH.
  19. Do the tears on your pillow roll down as you turn, do they short out the blanket and make the sheets burn? – blargblarg (partial credit)
  20. That was a joke, ha ha, fat chance. – jeriendhal

¹This song contains lyrics in three languages. I was nice and picked out some of the English lines.

EDIT: I'm only listing the person who got it right first, except for partial credit/full credit situations. However, after I post the answers, I'll come back and unscreen all comments here so you can see how many you got correct even if you weren't the first. I'll also unscreen them because some of your comments are amusing.

EDIT: Just in case anyone is wondering, you need to provide as a minimum the song's title in order to get full credit. Partial credit has been awarded (thus far) to people who could not identify the title or artist, but provided enough other information to be worthy of mention. If someone else got partial credit, it's not too late to provide the title and get full credit.