October 13th, 2008

My Work Here Is Done

Song Lyric Answers

These are the answers from the Song Lyric Meme Super-Challenge Edition, along with videos and/or other details where applicable. I've also gone back and unscreened all of the comments in the original post, so you can see how many you got right even if you weren't the first. Feel free to check out the rest of the songs that you didn't know – you might find something that you like (or that you'd forgotten).

  1. There's nothing sicker in society than a lack of liquor and sobriety.
    Name Your Poison, sung by Mr. Midnight (Christopher Lee) in the movie The Return of Captain Invincible. The song was written by Richard O'Brien and Richard Hartley (Note that the female dancers are an obvious homage to The Rocky Horror Picture Show). I love this song because the entire thing is about booze, and I think that this scene should be re-enacted against Tony Stark by whomever is the villain in Iron Man 2.
  2. Well, it's wrinkly and crinkly and covered in hair; and I don't know what I'd do if it was not there
    The Scrotum Song by the Asylum Street Spankers (NSFW lyrics). This is one of the two songs on the list which were included simply for sexual innuendo and smut.
  3. Zankoku na tenshi no you ni, shonen yo, shinwa ni nare…
    Cruel Angel's Thesis, sung by Yoko Takahashi, is the opening theme of Neon Genesis Evangelion. (The ending theme is Fly Me To The Moon, performed by different artists in different episodes. This song is so out of place in a series like Evangelion that it's perfect – just another layer of misdirection and lies.)
  4. Let me give you some green color and you will ask for more, you will see that you never felt this way before
    Move Your Dead Bones by Dr. Reanimator, from the Beyond Reanimator DVD. (The video must be good, it's got Jeffrey Combs in it; but if you'd rather, you can watch the furry version.)
  5. Follow orders as you're told, make their yellow blood run cold; fight until you die or drop, a force like ours is hard to stop
    March of Cambreadth by Heather Alexander, is referenced in several books by Oh John Ringo No, which is where I first heard of it. Oh, and in those stories, the Posleen (alien invaders) did literally have yellow blood.
  6. Boom goes London, boom Paris, more room for you and more room for me
    Political Science by Randy Newman (in case you though his Short People wasn't offensive enough). This is the same guy who writes songs for Pixar (and the theme song to Monk, et alia) these days.
  7. Dipidapi dallaa ruppati rupiran kurikan kukka ja kirikan kuu
    Ievan's Polkka, a Finnish folk song performed by Loituma, is best known for the twenty-seven second audio clip used in the Leekspin flash video (paired with four frames of Orihime Inoue spinning a scallion from the second episode of Bleach) in an infinite loop. The lyrics I quoted are part of those twenty-seven seconds. (They do not actually mean anything; that portion of the song is just nonsense between the verses.)
  8. A million times I ask you; and then, I ask you over again; you only answer [song title]
    Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, sung by Mari Wilson, is the theme song for the British series Coupling, which is where I first heard the song. However, those lyrics I quoted are not part of the truncated version which plays during the Coupling credits. That was not deliberate on my part; I was listening to the full version (the MP3 I have is performed by Cake) when I selected the lines for this quiz.
  9. Every time I put my hand upon her knee, baby gets angry with me; cuz she's a good girl, I'm a bad boy, but I turn into a sad boy when she says, "Hey take your hands off of me."
    That's a No No (Knees Verboten) by Dicky Hart and the Palpitations (a.k.a. Richard O'Brien and John Sinclair). I couldn't find a video for this one, so I linked to an MP3.
  10. You smell nice and you're groovy, and we both like foreign movies; my mother says you have that touch of class…
    Do You Take It (In The Ass) by The Wet Spots (NSFW!)
  11. And I don't want to die, I want to see the flowers bloom, don't want to go kaput, kaboom
    Push The Button by Teapacks was Israel's entry into the 2007 Eurovision contest. The lyrics are in English, French, and Yiddish (this site has all of the lyrics, and a full English translation). I was kind enough to quote lyrics from the English portion. (It still went unguessed.)
  12. Oh wait I've got one, this'll be a good one, all we've got to do is run up some stairs from the [song title]
    Monster in a Wheelchair by Brian Huskey.
  13. Yappappa yappappa, ii shan ten; hashagu koi wa ike no koi
    Jajauma ni Sasenaide, sung by Nishio Etsuko, is the first season opening theme to Ranma ½. The English title of the song is "Don't Make Me Wild Like You", although that's not a literal translation. The two anime theme songs I chose were both relatively common and well-known; I had originally had Konya wa Hurricane (from Bubblegum Crisis) on this list as well, but cut it when I figured two anime themes was enough.
  14. I want a girl who will fit me to a T, a woman who'll look good on me…
    Are You About a Size 14?, sung by Buffalo Bill, is from Silence!, a musical based on Silence of the Lambs. Really. (Rep had no idea that there even was such a musical; but from those two lines she deduced its existence.) I couldn't find a video for this one either, so I linked to a partial MP3 on the Silence! site.
  15. You know it was her own damned fault when God turned that bitch to salt.
    Hand of the Almighty by John R. Butler (NSFW lyrics). Obviously, the line quoted is in reference to Lot's wife.
  16. Good heavens, Miss Sakimoto, you're beautiful!
    She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby. I figured this one was the easiest one, at least for "normal people" (whatever they are); but no matter how obscure, every song I quoted should have been known to some segment (admittedly small, in some cases) of my friends list.
  17. I saw her walking on down the line (yeah), you know I saw her for the very first time
    Hanky Panky by Tommy James and the Shondells. The first time I ever heard of this song was on Laverne & Shirley, back when I was a kid. I was surprised as hell, years later, when I found out that it was actually a real song.
  18. tlhIngan SuvwI' qan jIHbe', 'ach SuvDI' vay' ghIH vaj bom vIchennISmoH jIH 'e' vIHarbejtaH.
    SuvwI'pu' qan tu'lu'be' (Without Me) by Klenginem (a rapper who performs Eminem in the original Klingon). Once again, I couldn't find a video so I linked to an MP3.
  19. Do the tears on your pillow roll down as you turn, do they short out the blanket and make the sheets burn?
    Are You Lonesome Tonight? sung by Nick Rivers (Val Kilmer) in the movie Top Secret! (It's a parody of an Elvis tune with the same title; so if John has named the Elvis song, he would have still gotten full credit.) The only clip I could find of this scene was dubbed into Italian, although the song itself (starts at 3:15) is still in English.
  20. That was a joke, ha ha, fat chance.
    Still Alive, the closing song to the video game Portal, was written by Jonathon Coulton and sung by GlaDOS (Ellen McLain).