December 12th, 2008



Check out this page that I threw together, as an example of one of the things I'm currently playing with. It's kind of like those Colorforms™ we used to play with as kids, where you can place people and things wherever you want over a large background. (That's right, you can move the Vodka God and his miniature bottles of Absolut wherever you want to put them.) Unfortunately, for now, the word bubbles only work properly under Internet Explorer and not Firefox, but I'm still playing with that. For my next trick, I plan to make a couple of pages like this for Richard, combining his favorite characters/shows with pictures of himself and his family and friends. See where he places himself on the Island of Sodor, or if he can have Blue actually help his father find a clue. (Boy, won't that take imagination on his part!)

For more information on how I did this, and how you can do it too, check out this entry that I just posted to as_massive_tool.