January 5th, 2009


Richard's First Drag Show

I finally got around to uploading the first page I made for my son Richard with my Drag Show program. It's Richard in the world of Blue's Clues. Note that all of the characters, including Richard, can be freely dragged around the screen and placed at will. (Right-click HERE to download the tranny¹ file to use in Drag Show.) Q also points out that anyone using this or similar Drag Show screens in their browser can simply use the Print Screen button to save the results if they so desire. Originally Richard was the "highest" element, in that he was always on top when two images overlapped, but I switched it around so that he could be behind the other, smaller characters. (The order in which the dragme elements are defined determines which ones are on top of the others – the ones defined first are always "below" the ones defined later.) I have some ideas for tweaks and expansions to the Drag Show program; when a new version is available, I'll announce it in the as_massive_tool community. (Richard has already had fun playing with his avatar in the Blue's Clues world; and for my next trick, I'll be using this GIF to place Richard on the tracks with Thomas and the other trains on the Island of Sodor…)

¹That's short for "transitional data".

EDIT: Crossposted to Allah Sulu's Massive Tool.