May 1st, 2009


Personal Reference - Ringo Starr Impersonating

I've saving these here for my own future reference, and heavily filtering this entry – very few people can see it. In a couple of weeks, Q and I will be going to a Rocky Horror convention in Greater Cincinnati ("Better than it sounds!" –Mole King, The Tick) and, as always, there's a theme for the Friday night party. In this particular case, the theme is "favorite movie character". I've decided it would be fun to go as Ringo Starr (he is a movie character, since he played himself in Help! and various other films); in particular, I'm going to be this guy's version of Ringo Starr. I've already got the nose and everything. (The reason why this entry is filtered is because I don't want anyone else who's going to the con, with the obvious exception of Q, to know what I'm planning.)

EDIT: OK, now that the con is over, this post is unlocked.

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