May 19th, 2009


Con Story (The Lead-Up)

Last Week:

I took the entire week off from work, even though we weren't planning to drive to Ohio until Wednesday, because we both had a lot of last minute studying and creating to do before we could leave. Q was still working on costumes up until the time that we left, and I was finishing up animations for the preshow up until the time we left. We ended up accidentally leaving behind at least half a dozen different things which we were supposed to bring with us, including a couple of props and costume pieces (including my Phantom of the Paradise bishop hat) that had to be recreated once we'd reached Ohio. (Another thing keeping us busy was that only one of us could actually work on con stuff at a time, which the other one kept Richard out of their hair.) Anyway, we left Maryland Wednesday morning and drove to Q's parents' house in Cleveland (where Richard would be staying while we were in Cincinnati). While there, Q got her hair cut in order to play Doctor Who on Friday night. (She was originally going to get her hair cut and styled to look like Swan from Phantom of the Paradise and wear a wig for the Doctor; but since she found a very good Swan wig, she did it the other way around.) We also got to hang out with Bob Simon (EuroTour Frank-N-Furter, and guest at the Frankie Goes To Hollywood convention), because he lives in Cleveland when he's not on tour. He and I mostly geeked out about the new Star Trek movie, while each of our partners nodded and tolerated our geekiness. We also spent time with Q's sister and her son (about a year older than Richard; they all just visited us recently. Anyway, first thing Friday morning (15 May 2009) we hit the road (I-71 South) for Cincinnati…

EDIT: One of the other things we forgot (which was requested) was Apples to Apples.