July 20th, 2009


Born In The U...K

  1. Here's the first teaser for the next upcoming Doctor Who special, "The Waters of Mars". So, umm … not going to be a lighthearted comedy, I take it.

  2. As you probably know, Marvel is planning a movie about The Avengers, after first introducing all of the individual members in their own movies – starting with Iron Man and Hulk. (DC was trying to do the same with The Justice League, by first rebooting Batman and Superman, and then following with the others. Well, Superman Returns didn't go over as well as they'd hoped, Wonder Woman is still in Development Hell, and we have yet to see hide nor hair of The Flash or Green Lantern either. Their original plan was for the Justice League movie to come out this year, so – yeah. Not so much.) Anyway, one of the upcoming Marvel movies is Thor. Who have they cast to play Thor? Who cares? I just found out from a couple of different places that BRIAN BLESSED is going to play Odin. Damn. I can't even imagine how much scenery he's going to consume as the Father of all the Gods.