August 6th, 2009

Allah Sulu-Capcom

Return of the Super-Challenge Song Lyric Meme

How many of these songs can you name, along with the artist and/or source? You need to provide at a minimum the song's title in order to get full credit. Partial credit may be awarded to people who cannot identify the title, but provided enough other information to be worthy of mention. If someone else got partial credit, it's not too late to provide the title and get full credit. (Using Google or other search engines is, of course, forbidden.) I'll list the first people to be awarded credit; but comments are screened so that you can still try to guess even after someone else got it right. I'll post the answers (with video links where applicable) later. As a reminder, here was the last collection.

  1. Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds? – revaladdinsane
  2. Over mother Russia there are moans and cries, the convicted ones are marching to the never lands to die.
  3. I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose, drinking fresh mango juice. – revaladdinsane
  4. Being chosen as this month's Miss August is like a compliment I'll remember for as long as I can. – revaladdinsane
  5. My heart's as full as a baked potato. – zpenguin
  6. I had to put her six feet under, and I can still hear her complain. – zpenguin
  7. I filled that kitty cat so full of lead, we'll have to use him for a pencil instead. – yendi
  8. I'm gonna be the man who's havering to you. – revaladdinsane
  9. What used to take two hours now takes all day. It took me sixteen hours to get to L.A.! – caryabend
  10. Honto ni anta tte, mattaku anta tte, tonikaku anta tte baka ne, baka baka… – deityofdeath
  11. You're so blue but I can't take a chance on a chick like you. – richteaboy
  12. The reason I breathe is you.
  13. Kidney of a horse, liver of a cat, filling up the sausages with this and that. – revaladdinsane
  14. Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium, wir betreten feuertrunken, Himmlische, dein Heiligtum! – rhpslips2
  15. She's small, and she's odd, like a lepton or quark. – revme
  16. Be assured that a walk through the ocean of most souls would scarcely get your feet wet. Fall not in love, therefore; it will stick to your face. – revaladdinsane
  17. What makes a man? Is it the woman in his arms? Just 'cause she has big titties? – revaladdinsane
  18. I was born on the other side, just always looking in; I made it over the great divide, now I'm coming for you. – revaladdinsane
  19. Later on, if you wanna, we can dress like Madonna. – twopiearr
  20. That morning sunshine's like a knife in my eye. My shirt's on backwards and I wish I knew why. – aimeegomeow