September 9th, 2009

Grrr... Arrgh...

Gaming (Saturday)

TCEP started on Friday night last weekend, but I didn't make it there until early Saturday afternoon. (I spent the morning with Richard, keeping him away from Q until she woke up on her own – otherwise, he would have woken her up hours before she was ready to get up.) Several games were in play when I got there, so I had to wait for one of them to end so that I could jump into the next game that began. I wasn't waiting long before Aurienne and Ironkite showed up, so we talked for a little bit before we got our chance to jump into a game of Arkham Horror. Arkham Horror, as the name should imply, is based upon the HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. It's a cooperative game, in that all of the players are working together to prevent a Great Old One from getting loose on Earth and wiping out humanity – either everybody wins, or everybody loses. This was specifically meant to be a game for beginners, but a couple of us (including me) had played the game twenty years ago or so, so we were effectively beginners; between the constant rule-checking and explanations, and the fact that there were eight players, this game took a while. After about 2½ hours I had to leave to give Dyingwhisper a ride to a Metro station – I got back just in time to rejoin the game and participate in the final victory. Yes, we won, and pretty handily (if slowly) with eight players; most of the other games of Arkham Horror I saw last weekend limited participation to six or less.

After that, a lot of people left for the Outback restaurant in the hotel for dinner (it was such a big group that it took a couple of hours for them all to get back) and the rest of us hung out talking and/or playing quick and easy games waiting for the crowd to return. I played the Monty Python version of Fluxx, which had undergone a couple of rule changes since the older versions of the game that I own, but was still fun with all of the Python references in it (and more made by the players). We also played Nuclear War, another game I haven't seen since I was in college twenty years ago – sort of black humor for people who were living in the Cold War. Once the crowds finally returned, we tried to get another game of Arkham Horror going; but there were too many people who wanted to play which contradicted the desire to keep the number of players down. We split off into two groups (since there were two copies of the game) and people went back and forth arguing for a while over which version to play and how many people could play and "I don't want to play with this person" until the group I ended up being in started a game of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Wikipedia has entries for Buffy RPGs and video games, but not the board game which we played.) Along with Aurienne and Ironkite, Stevemb and Starmalachite played the four members of the Scooby Game while I played the Big Bad (a role I seem to end up typecase into most of the time the game is played). Well, I managed to kill Willow and turn Xander into a vampire, but in the end, I was defeated by those meddling kids. At this point, it was sometime past midnight; and even though the gaming wasn't schedule to end until 3 AM, I went home to collapse.