September 13th, 2009

Grrr... Arrgh...

Gaming (Sunday)

Part one of my Labor Day Weekend TCEP recap (Saturday) is here.

I got to the Holiday Inn earlier on Sunday (just before noon) than I had on Saturday. The first game I played was Le Havre, with (among other people) Karl Musser and Seth Cohen. It was a big, complex game with a variety of resources, buildings, transactions, card, tokens … I had to make sure that "Le Havre" wasn't French for "Die Macher", one of the games I played last year. It was fun and I was doing well (not by any means fated to win, mind you; that was reserved for one of the two people who had played before), but I was unable to see it through to the end. After about 2½ hours, I had to leave for another event for which I'd signed up previously – a murder mystery. About twenty people were given identities (I was Katie Jones, a girl from West Virginia who'd been turned into a vampire while debauching in New Orleans), background information, and clues which they had to pass around and share so that we could determine who the murderer was. (Aurienne was playing a character, but not competing; she's been through it before and knew who the guilty party was.) I didn't figure out who the culprit was; few people did. (One of the people who did figure it out was the culprit. You would hope that they'd know.)

After that, I went back home and picked up Richard. I thought he'd enjoy seeing the Chaos Machine that was set up in one of the rooms (and I was right). It had a framework with various tracks, tubes, trampolines, and other things beginning with "T" through with balls rolled and bounced from the top to the bottom, and then were brought back up to the top again via vertical conveyor belts on each end. (Seth took the above picture with his cell phone, as I still haven't replaced my lost camera.) While he was watching the Chaos Machine and/or distracted by snack food (carrots, cheese, bread, grapes; I kept him from noticing the M&Ms and other junk food), I played a couple more games nearby: Qwirkle Cubes with Stevemb and Starmalachite (the second of only two games I won all weekend – you don't go to an event like this unless you play for fun, not because you need to win) and then another round of Nuclear War (not only did we all lose, by losing all of our people, but I managed to destroy the Earth itself by rolling a critical whilst detonating the huge 100 megaton warhead as my doomsday device). After that, I brought Richard home and nabbed some real food before returning.

Finally, the night was ended by a couple of longer games, Civilization: the Card Game (based upon the Sid Meier computer games) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (in which I had a rare turn playing on the Scooby team – I was Xander and Oz). Civilization was good, and I came pretty close to winning (I was ahead for a good chunk of the game); it's made me want to play the computer game again (I've only played the original version). It this point, it was approaching 2 AM and too late to start another game, so I went home and collapsed.

Collapse )