October 7th, 2009


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Last week was an interesting time for looking for things. Every time we searched the house trying to find something, we never found it – but we always found something else which had been lost. Finally, having figured out the pattern, whenever we needed to find something and couldn't, we gave up and chose something else to look for … at which point we found the original object we needed. Weird.
Last night, it looked like my car was trying to die on me. It kept stalling on me whenever I let up on the gas, which is kind of a problem when you don't want to go through stop signs, red lights, or other drivers. However, the problem seemed to go away when I got more gas. I think there might have been some moisture or gunk in the tank; I'll have to put in some additive on my next fill-up to clean it.
But, while my car did not give up the ghost, it did give up the camera which I've been missing ever since the trip to New England in August. So, I've got that back. I naturally found it while I was searching the car for something else.