October 14th, 2009

Allah Sulu-South Park

Flask. Wow.

Over five and a half years ago, Q and I drove down to South Carolina for a Rocky Horror Picture Show mini-convention organized by Dawn's group. (From there, we proceeded down to Florida for over a week more, which constituted our belated honeymoon.) Before we left for this trip, I bought a small flask I found that was shaped like a cell phone (you drank through the antenna). It even came with a cell phone-style belt holster. I brought it with me, and kept it filled with my infamous punch while I was away from the main supply in my room. (Those who were bowling with me during that weekend in South Carolina will recall me hitting it frequently between frames. "Whoops, hold on, I've got another call…")

Q just found this flask recently, and it still had punch in it. Punch which had been aging and strengthening for over five and a half years. Q took a sip and got a buzz – "Whoooaaa!!" I just tried a taste, and yeah – that is one hell of a potent potable. Well, waste not, want not…

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EDIT: I can't seem to find any pictures on my computer from that trip, apart from this icon: